Orange MT20



Weighing in at under 1 kilo, the Micro Terror is arguably the most portable amp head on the market. When paired with its matching PPC108 cabinet, the Micro Terror’s Aux Input and Headphone output make it a perfect practice partner, small enough for even the most cluttered sideboard.

However, don’t be fooled by its miniature footprint because size is the only thing that is small about this amp. With a high tensile steel casing, the Micro Terror is built to the same high standards as the rest of the Terror family and features a single 12AX7/ECC81 preamp valve, coupled to a solid state output section. The depth of sound (and volume) that this little thing pushes out is truly staggering, with Orange growl and bite in abundance. What’s more, the Micro Terror can be used with any 8-16 Ohm speaker cabinet.

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Brand: Orange
Features: Single Channel, Hybrid-Valve Pre-Amp with Solid State Power Amp, Aux in for MP3 or CD
Top Panel (Right to Left): Gain, Tone, Volume
Valves: Preamp: 1 x 12AX7/ECC83
Output Power: 20W
Speaker Outputs: 1×8 or 1×16 Ohm (8 Ohm Minimum)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 6.5″x5.31″x3.7″
Weight: 1.87lbs.
Type: Guitar-Head

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