Gold Tone PBR





Designed by legendary resophonic instrument maker Paul Beard, these signature model guitars are handmade and provide unmatched tone in their price range. The “open” Beard soundwell body design uses genuine USA-made Beard cones and spiders. All Paul Beard models include a new coverplate system. Previously, in order to adjust string action, break angle, string spacing or to replace the saddle, it was necessary to detach the strings and remove the entire coverplate. The new Gold Tone/Beard resonator coverplate design with removable palm rest is a revolutionary concept for making fine adjusments easier and more efficient.

Resonator, Twelve-Fret, Non-Cutaway, No-Electronics


Brand: Gold Tone
Type: Resonator, Twelve-Fret, Non-Cutaway, No-Electronics
Back & Sides: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Wood Finish: High Gloss Vintage Mahogany
Body Binding: White Celluloid
Nut: Bone Nut, Maple Saddle with Ebony Top
Tuners: Sealed Adjustable with Metal Buttons
Tailpiece: Dobro Style
Tone Ring: Maple Soundwell
Plating: USA Made Beard Cone, Spun Aluminum, USA Made Beard Spider
Scale: 25″
Nut Width: 1-3/4″
Frets: 20
Total Length: 38-3/4″

Sample Audio

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